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We are increasingly finding that many visitors to Africa and beyond are not looking necessarily to take a specific trophy but are more likely to be looking for an authentic hunting experience without the additional expense of taxidermy and shipping, besides, how many people have honestly got the room and ceiling height to do justice to an Eland or Kudu, let alone something like a Moose!

In this section we provide an overview of:

For those looking for the experience rather than to start or add to a species collection we are delighted to offer non-trophy ‘Management’ packages when you will hunt for cull bucks ewes and cows, possibly the occasional old bull too, but anything which is likely to achieve any kind of medal will always attract a trophy fee and you should be aware of this before you book. You may not personally be looking to take a trophy and if that 60 inch Kudu comes across your path then certainly your Guide will ask if you would like to try for it, but otherwise your hunting will be limited to non-trophy examples. That said, just because the species is a non-trophy animal doesn’t mean it will be any easier to hunt and once you have grassed your beast you are very welcome to have a Trophy Photograph taken with it and we have added a separate section here to deal with this aspect of your hunt.

Should you wish to take a trophy during your visit, whether that be by design or by chance, then you will have two options regarding taxidermy; either have the tanning process and mounting completed locally after which your completed, mounted trophies will need to be packed and shipped home to you, or alternatively you can use a ‘Dip and Ship’ company to prepare pack and ship your trophies home in such a way that they are preserved thereby allowing you to have them mounted by your local taxidermist at a time appropriate to you.

Having taxidermy prepared and mounted at source means that your trophy will be worked on by people familiar with such work although the time that it may take (upwards of 18 months is the average) and the cost may well be prohibitive. Similarly, once mounted there is little you or anyone can do with the finished piece, so if it turns up cross-eyed or damaged then it will be too late to do anything about it!

Dipping and shipping is much faster and generally you will have your horns sculls and capes home within 6 months after which you can do with them what you like. Maybe you will want to have your trophies mounted straight away although since they are now packed and preserved you can do this at your leisure perhaps having one or two pieces completed as and when you are ready? In addition, the packaging will be significantly smaller than a completed mount and therefore packing and shipping costs will be a fraction of those otherwise incurred and to give you a flavour, my most recent package of trophies is likely to cost €6500 just to ship back from Namibia....