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South Africa - 7 Days & Trophies - American Clients very welcome and rates in US $ available on request!

Visitors to South Africa's Eastern Cape are generally stunned at the diversity of huntable species with some locations boasting over 35 different varieties -as such there is a wealth of excellent hunting to be enjoyed in this region and prices remain unchanged since 2012!
Roo Ellis with a Rowland Ward White Blesbok taken with Nico De Beer at Matola, Eastern Cape Province
This package provides for 1:1 Hunting during a 10 day trip, 8 of which are hunting days and includes 7 trophy species for £3800!
Andrew Renton getting in on the Act at his estate in Kei River Eastern Cape Visitor facilities in the Eastern cape
Typical accomodation n the Eastern Cape Hunting lodge in East London
Package provides for Kudu, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Warthog and Duiker, all to excellent trophy quality.
58 inch Kudu trophy taken at Stillerus via The Hunting Agency
Roo Ellis with a Conservation Medal winning Gemsbok from AIMEB in Etosha, Namibia
Wildebeest trophy taken at Stillerus via The Hunting Agency
Huge tusks on this Warthog trophy from Onduri courtessy of The Hunting Agency