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Kaokoland - Hunt unfenced and untamed Africa

Open Range Hunting in Kaokoland – Set far in the North of Namibia and home to the Himba people, Kaokoland is widely considered to be amongst the few unspoiled unfenced areas of Africa where hunting over ‘open range’ is still possible.
We promote ethical, sustainable hunting over this extended Tribal Conservancy which is just South of the Hartmann Valley where the Zebra of the same name was first discovered, and with approx one-point-five Million Hectares of pure, un-touched, un-fenced Africa – perhaps Kaokoland is the hunting destination that you’ve been dreaming of?
Hunt namibias kaokoland with The Hunting Agency
A typical package in Kaokoland would include a fine trophy Hartmann Mountain Zebra, a trophy Gemsbok Springbok and possibly a decent Kudu although Giraffe, Red Hartebeest, Steenbok and Duiker are also available, as are Black-backed Jackal, Hyaena, Leopard and Ostrich. We may also have Leopard Cheetah and Crocodile too, then please let us know as availability is strictly limited.
Kaokoland trophy hunting namibia
Roo Ekkis in Kaokoland
No Roads No fences just pure unspoiled Africa
Visits to Africa's most remote region are only for those without physical limitations or infirmity as the very nature of the place demands a degree of fitness and self-sufficiency that will preclude some who are not quite as fit as they would like!

We are delighted to offer Trophy and Management hunts over a further Five conservancies in Namibia’s pristine Kaokoland region which, largely due to its remote location, has remained unchanged and unspoiled. We work directly with the Conservancy committees and traditional authorities  in the five conservancies within this territory and the revenue and meat harvest generated from hunting goes directly to benefit and support the local Himba and Herero Peoples that inhabit this stunningly beautiful land.

 Hartmann Valley Kaokoland and Roo Ellis trophy Zebra

Please remember that the logistics of a trip to kaokoland do involve significant journey times and once there your personal fitness and conditioning can be tested by the geography and topography – but it really is well worth the effort to have the opportnity to hunt this amazing Country! 

For further information on Trophy Hunting in Kaokoland, kindly contact our Namibian Specialist, Roo Ellis, thank you.