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Eastern Cape - 7 Species Trophy Hunt - Prices in US $ available on request!

South Africa's Eastern Cape Province is well known and loved by many visitors to Southern Africa, mostly because of the wide and varied portfolio of trophy species that can be found here. This package provides for 1:1 Hunting during a 10 day trip of which 8 days are set aside for hunting. During your visit you will stalk 7 trophy species for just £3800! This remains unchanged since 2012 and is still excellent value for money!
Roo Ellis surveys the Eastern Cape Province
This package provides for Kudu, Gemsbok, Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Warthog and Duiker, all to excellent trophy quality.

Eastern Cape Kudu and Andrew Skeen

Fine Gemsbok trophy taken at Stillerus in Etosha, Namibia 2006 via the UK's Hunting Agent Roo Ellis

Blue Wildebeest Trophy Eastern Cape Province South Africa

Impala trophy Eastern Cape

Bloesbok Trophy, Etosha View, Namibia, www.TheHuntingAgency.com

Trophy Warthog and Bear

Eastern Cape Province South Africa

Your accomodation will be as follows and the facilities are clean functional and comfortable.
Typical accomodation n the Eastern Cape  Visitor facilities in the Eastern cape
Hunting lodge in East London  Andrew Renton getting in on the Act at his estate in Kei River Eastern Cape
For further information or to make a booking, please visit www.TheHuntingAgency.com or contact our International booking Agent, Roo Ellis via +1 (0) 512 396 4860, thank you!