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Situated in line of sight of the boarder with Montenegro on the Pestep Plato in Serbia’s Sandzak Region, this elusive yet prized trophy is hunted with enthusiasm by the local hunters over a wild, untamed and unfenced region covering an unfenced area exceeding 62,000Ha (circa 150,000 acres). 

Wolf Hunting in Serbia

This region can be accessed from either Belgrade or Podgorica in Montenegro, each of which have their own unique attractions for the visiting Hunter and yet non-hunting companions and families are equally welcome in this safe, hospitable Country. 

Before we talk about the sport itself, first consider that accommodation is provided by means of a fabulous, brand new and purpose-build wooden lodge constructed from local timber and finished to an elegant yet traditional standard. Individual and shared rooms are available for solo guns and larger parties and comfortable beds and furniture are complimented by cuisine of the highest order by Co-Director; Saki Kurtovik. 

Eco Lodge Wolf Hunting Serbia

The hunting environment comprises of hills mountains and valleys which rise to approx 2000m and since there has been little commercial development or industrialisation in the region, the landscape is wild yet accessible since much of it features gentle topography of which much is open grassland and valleys while the natural forests are home to Wild Boar and other huntable species. 

The season for Wolves and much of the other game runs from September to February during which time climate conditions can vary from a pleasant 20c during the early period to freezing and below early in the new year allowing hunters a wide choice of environments in which to conduct their hunt. 

Certainly Wolf numbers may be limited across most of Europe where populations remain fragile and protected, but Southern Serbia has such a volume that hunting is not just permitted but encouraged and necessary, such is the damage that they have caused to the volumes of Deer and Boar, not to mention local domestic livestock. While the season is 6 months long, there is an anticipation that 60 wolves will need to be taken this year in order to begin to address the imbalance. 

Roo Ellis and the Wolf Hunters of Serbia

Stalking on foot for this most cunning of species remains the most exciting and challenging while a selection of insulated high seats and hides can be utilised in the cold winter nights when temperatures can drop into the early minus-twenties and a third methodology using the local hunting team to effectively drive and direct known populations toward visiting hunters has also been used to great effect, and yet at all times fair chase is observed and utilised. 

Additional species available include Foxes, Wild Cat, Kuna, Rabbits and Duck. Capercaillie also reside here although have not yet been hunted commercially and Wild Boar also reside here although the numbers are currently being encouraged rather than managed, such is the threat the local wolf population has become. There are also lakes rivers and ponds in the region boasting significant volumes of ducks which may also be shot during your visit to compliment your Wolf Hunting experience.  

Packages for Wolf Hunting can be combined with the full-moon in order to utilise shooting them over bait from hides during the long winter nights together with stalking during daylight hours when groups of up to 4 guns are welcomed although each will hunt a differing region to maximise the probability of success. With approx 10 Wolves to be taken each month, hunters can start to assess their probability of getting a shooting chance and we should add here that those with Night Vision equipment are well advised to bring it! 

A seven-day trip providing for five hunting days and two further transfer days is €3395 inclusive of your first wolf. Additional wolves are then charged at just €250 and Wild Boar may also be taken by chance for the same additional fee. This provides for accommodation in the exceptional timber eco-lodge, meals prepared from fresh local ingredients, non-alcoholic beverages plus your hunting permit and temporary membership of the Serbian Wolf Hunters Club, proceeds of which go towards investment in the recovery of local deer and boar populations and the continued development and improvement of local infrastructure. 

There is an honesty bar with modest prices should you care to unwind over a cold one and non-hunting guests are welcome at just €1000 for the same period. There are many local attractions including nature rambling, the nearby Tara Canyon, second only in the world to the Grand Canyon in America plus horse-riding (seasonal) and similar. A local guide can be provided at modest expense and there are several small towns locally to explore and enjoy too! 

For the dedicated trophy collector, perhaps it is worthy of mention that aside from the common European Wolf, this region also boasts a population of the rare and elusive Black Wolf. This is a very unusual trophy and is available in limited numbers where an additional trophy fee of €2000 is payable. 

In addition, should you wish to try some Deer Hunting while in the area too, we have just added that to this Outfitters portfolio and further detals are available on request, thank you.