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We continue to offer our clients the very best of Argentinean Wing Shooting and while many trips are organised to you and your parties individual requirements, the following packages should give you some idea for what we have available!

Wingshooting in Argentina with The Hunting Agency

Wing Shooting Combo Package - Entre Rios

This trip takes place over 5 Hunting days when you will try for Ducks, Doves, Partridges and Hares with nights spent in a luxiourious lodge with good food and decent local wines. If taken during May - Sept you can enjoy walked up Perdix over pointers too and perhaps partake of some Paraqueet shooting? Prices start at $3995 / gun with a max of 4 per party.

Walked up Perdiz in Entre Rios Argentina

High Volume Dove Hunt - Entre Rios

While Cordoba may have the name and reputation, it also requires an additional internal flight and transfer across BA in order to reach it which since Argentina isn't exactly local, can add sometimes over 6 hours to an already long journey. For those looking for an authentic Argentinean Dove shooting experience, please let us introduce you to Entre Rios where 3 days unlimited Dove Shooting complimented by 3 nights in the fabulous Estancia Santa Maria is available from $1995 per hunter.

Roo Ellis shooting high volume doves in Argentina

High Volume Dove Shooting - Cordoba

You've heard the stories, watched the videos and wondered if it's all true, but now it's time to live the dream! 4 complete days of shooting with 5 nights in a comfortable en-suite room for groups of 4 to 12 guns in Cordoba is now available from $2495 inclusive of airport transfers.

Bird Hunting in Argentina with The Hunting Agency

Since this is your adventure, why not make it the trip you always dreamed of and add further days to your visit as you wish? Aside from excursions into BA itself, additional days could include the following, each of which is possible should you wish:

Combo hunts for Ducks, Doves and Perdix over pointers - $750 / gun

Dove and Pigeon Hunts - $700 / gun

High-volume Dove Hunting - $550 / gun

Roo Ellis Dove and Pigeon shooting in Argentina

Kindly note that hunting in Argentina does attract additional charges such as gun hire, ammunition costs and hunting permits and for some locations, additional flights and transfers will be required but are not included in these rates. We will be very happy to provide a full breakdown of all these details on request so you know exactly what's involved? Feel free to contact us at any time!