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Sorry to advise that this together with all our remaining Elephant and Buffalo Permits for 2014 are already sold and we are currently running short for 2015 too. The package offered remains below although we fully expect this to rase significantly in price due to Namibia recognising that the bans and restrictions elsewhere in Africa mean they can charge more for their Dangerous Game Permits. If you are looking to hunt free-roaming Dangerous Game in Southern Africa, please contact us for details of what is currently available and where, thank you.Elephant Safari Damaraland Namibia

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While many are interested in hunting Big Game, the trophy fees and daily rates for taking a trophy Tusker are prohibitive to the vast majority, therefore this represents a unique opportunity to hunt a free-roaming wild Elephant in an un-fenced tribal region famed for producing some of the largest elephants on the planet – but if you are reading this they you will already know that Namibia’s ‘desert’ elephants are recognised as such.

Elephant Hunting Safari Namibia Damaraland

The hunt must take place in 2014 (now SOLD!!!) and we anticipate 5 days as being sufficient for these purposes. The location is the Soris Soris Conservancy in Namibia’s Damaraland and the Outfitter is Rex Brandt. A fully qualified DG PH will be used to conduct the hunt. Roo Ellis was in Soris Soris in June and saw numerous elephants throughout the region and since this is a semi-desert location where rains have not fallen since April, locating a suitable female should not be an issue. 

The cost of this hunt including daily rates, trackers, transfers, accommodation and similar is £10,000 and we only have one permit available. (This package is sold, sorry, but kindly note we are booking ahead for 2015?)