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Sweden is a great example to the rest of Europe having retained their own currency and perhaps more importantly, Sweden managed to preserve it’s own values and national identity too, possibly because it’s modest population of some 9 million souls are mostly located in the larger cities leaving the rest of the Country relatively unpopulated. In terms of hunting, Sweden is a sportsman’s dream with Moose, Bear, Wolves and Beavers available to hunt, subject to permit, as well as Roe Deer and Foxes.

Moose Hunting Sweden and Lapland with The Hunting Agency

Moose Hunting in the South of Sweden can be conducted and a 2:1 basis from Mid-October to Mid-December when you will stay in a lake-side wood cabin complimented by sauna facilities. This package provides for local transfers, full-board, hunting and one adult moose per hunter and costs 28500 Kronor per person (approx €3000).

Moose hunt in Lapland

It is also possible to hunt Beaver in Bergslagen (Apr-May) which costs 14600 SEK (approx €1550) for 3 days or alternatively Roe Deer may also be hunted when a 5-day visit will cost 20,400 SEK (€2150 approx) inclusive of an adult animal. If you wanted to add some variety to your trip, an additional day’s Bird Hunting over pointers will cost 3800 SEK (approx €400) inclusive of 4 birds or perhaps you would prefer a day’s fishing on one of Nickbergerts many lakes? A day’s fishing for two inclusive of tackle bait and guide will cost 2700 SEK or approx €290.

Hunting is a team activity in SwedenSafety briefing before Moose Hunting commences

Moving further North into Swedish Lapland is Granö Beckasin where Moose hunting is available through October and early November when you have a choice of accommodation. A 3-day Moose Hunt starts from 25100 SEK (€2699 approx) and 5-days from 36500 SEK (€3900 approx).

Traditional accommodation at GranoCabins by the River Umea in Lapland

Should you choose to up-grade to one of the fabulous new ‘Bird-House’ Chalets overlooking the Umea River, this is possible with a 1200 SEK / night subsidy per person.If you would like to extend your visit, an additional overnight complimented by a day’s fishing will cost from 6200 SEK (€660 approx) and an additional overnight complimented by a day’s Bird-Hunting with Finish Spitz barking dogs starts from an additional 8700 SEK (935 approx) depending on the level of accommodation you select.

Anneka Marta and Roo with a Moose Calf harvested in GranoWoodcock over pointers in SwedenRoo Ellis hunting Swedish LaplandHunting guides are competant, friendly and work at your paceFinnish Spitz cappercaillie hunting lapland

As with all our packages, if you would welcome more information or a conversation without obligation, just give us a call and kindly note that prices in US $ are available on request, thank you!

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