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Introduction to Namibian Hunting

We are delighted to announce a package specifically for first-time visitors to Namibia (and for those returning too of course) which provides an introduction to Namibian Hunting within the World-Famous Etosha Conservancy.

This package provides for 8 days incl 5 hunting days plus Trophy Springbok Warthog and Gemsbok plus non-trophy Blesbok Kudu and Duiker as well as a day trip to Etosha National Park, all for just for £3495 based on 2:1 hunting.

Steve Lewis with trophy Springbok at Etosha View with his Callum Ferguson Rifle

The Good The Bad and The Ugly - you decide!

Roo Ellis with a Conservation Medal winning Gemsbok from AIMEB in Etosha, Namibia

The Etosha National Park in Namibia is Africa's third largest game reserve and is a stunningly beautiful location for visitors to experience the spendor of Namibia's indigenous game species and we are delighted to represent the majority of the Estates and Farms that boarder this exceptional region.
Jassie Oom Jasper and Roo with a fine trophy Gemsbok Namibia  Surveying the landscape at AIMEB
Wildebeest crossing the Etosha Pan
The Etosha Conservancy consists of some 440000Ha and includes both Game and Cattle farms over which the majority of plains and dangerous game can be hunted. Species include the Damara Dik-Dik, Steenbok, Klipspringer, Springbok, Black-Faced and Common Impala, Duiker, Blue and Black Wildebeest, Southern Greater Kudu, Warthog, Hartmann and Burchells Zebra Gemsbok and Eland. We also have a profusion of preditors from Jackal to Hyaena and many of the cat species - in fact, this region boasts dense populations of leopard and lion which break out of the nearby National Park to raid the local farms and it is these animals which we offer for trophy hunters.
Fine trophy Kudu at Aimeb  Jassie with a Kudu Trophy Namibia
Locations within the Etosha Conservancy provide for a variety of hunting environments from extended Savannah Grasslands to dense thorn and mopani scub plus the majority of locations also include granite 'koppies' or Mountains, all of which creates a unique environment for visiting hunters.

Seasonal rains also provide for a variety of different hunting environments

Koppies at AIMEB Etosha namibia

Traditionally Etosha has only offered bespoke Trophy Hunting opportunities and we are delighted to now offer Management packages for those looking for an adventure on a budget or for those who are not looking for trophies. The species available varies from farm to farm although generally we have non-trophy Springbok, Duiker, Warthog, Red Hartebeest, Kudu, Gemsbok, Eland and Giraffe - if this is something you are interested in, please call for details.

Savanna Grassland at AIMEB ideal for springbok and lion

Sunset at AIMEB

The view from this lodge extends for over 30km and is simply stunning
Aimeb Farm Namibia  Guest facilities at AIMEB

The mountains of Southern Etosha are stunning

Some locations in Etosha boast pools and luxurious visitor facilities

Basic field-camp in the Etosha Conservancy  Traditional open range hunting in Africa with Aimeb  Booking Agent Roo Ellis warms himself by the fire at AIMEB
  Roo Jassie and Jasper with a Conservation Medal-winning Steenbok    Etosha boasts a multi-cultural community that really works and a warm welcome is assured
Comfortable guest facilities in Etosha  Your guides and hosts offer a warm welcome
Accomodation within the Etosha Conservancy varies from Tented Camps to Air Conditioned Chalets although many visitors prefer to spend their trip living as part of an Afrikaans family in order to learn a little of the culture and background of this stunning destination, but it is YOUR holiday so please let us know what works best for you when we will be delighted to advise what is best to help you realise your expectations from your visit.

Stunning views come as standard in Etosha

We have countless images of the region including trophy images and pictures of the hunting environment and accomodation so please ask for further information when we will be happy to provide further details and images.

The Etosha Conservancy Africas finest hunting destination

Springbok sheltering from the October Sun in Etosha

The Etosha National Park hosts all of Namibia's indigenous species and is a fabulous place to get your 'eye in'!

          Black Faced Impala sheltering from the Summer Sun in Etosha  Namibias famous Elephants in the Etosha National Park