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Thank you for your interest in Driven Boar Hunting with us for 2014. We are currently working on some exciting new locations while also organising packages from our existing Hunting Partners and details will be communicated to our database via Hunting and Shooting News (for details on how to receive this free Magazine, please see www.HuntingandShootingNews.com, thank you!). Otherwise, please see below:

Spanish Monteria

Boar Hunting remains our most popular activity and while Trophy pigs may be taken with us in locations such as Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Argentina and now Texas, it is Driven Boar which most clients find appealing, not only because of the excitement but also due to the cost. The only issue is that to make a driven hunt successful, first you need a party of 15-20 like-minded hunters to make it work and being honest, unless you are already in a Boar Hunting Syndicate, how many of us really know enough people with the interest, means and ability to get time away from work and family commitments in order to make up the numbers required? Not many!

We have and continue to offer places for solo guns and small groups to come out with us to hunt boar in a cariety of locations including Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary but getting dates and times to suit everyone has become a lot like herding kittens so to make things a little easier all round, this winter we will be running two trips to Croatia, one each in November and December respectively, two more to Bulgaria in October and November and one to Hungary in February 2015.

Wild Boar Hunting with Roo Ellis

The trips to Croatia will be all-inclusive, provide for flights, 'rustic' accomodation and have no bag limits or trophy fees. These are similar to those that we have run before and still prove popular with all that attend them. We depart on Thursday, shoot Friday to Sunday and return to London on Monday and the price for this will be €1750 / gun

Pig Dogging on the Marshes of Buenos Aires Argentina

The trips to Bulgaria will follow the same format with hunters departing on Thursday, shooting Friday to Sunday and returning Monday but these trips provide only for your daily rates, air fare and accomodation, in other words, you will also need to pay for what you shoot and be charged according to trophy size for Boars or by the animal in the case of yearlings and sows. Please see the menu pricing on page 11 for details of trophy prices. The cost of this trip will be €1150 plus trophy fees.

Spanish Monteria driven hunts with The Hunting Agency in Toledo

The trip to Hungary in February is very similar to the Croatia trip with no bag limits or trophy fees and generally other species such as Red Deer, Roe and Foxes may also be taken. Some trips have seen mixed bags exceeding 130 beasts over three hunting days and the price for this is €2395 / gun. It is only fair that we advise our clients that for Hungary you will need to provide your own firearm and that you should expect to be breathalised for alcohol before each days sport commences.

Croatian Sausagefest while Boar Hunting

If you are interested in any of these trips or would like further information, please get back to either Roo or Paul as soon as possible as numbers will be limited and demand is likely to exceed availability. Thank you. Roo Ellis with a brace of Eurasian Boar

Incidentally, if you would like a bit of background as to how popular our Driven Boar packages are, and in this case it's Croatia, please take a look at the following testimonial, thanks you.