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Damaraland 2014 Packages – 1.5 million Ha of unfenced, untamed Africa!

Hunt unfenced DamaralandOpen-Range Hunting in Damaraland

Namibia is rightly proud of its unspoiled beauty and we are delighted to offer traditional Tented Safari Hunts over open-range in North Western Namibia. We enjoy sole hunting rights overan extended area which equates to over 1.5 Million Hectares of pure, un-touched, un-fenced Africa!

A typical package for Damaraland would include either 1 x Kudu or Hartmann Mountain Zebra or Gemsbok (to trophy standard) plus Ostrich, 1 x trophy Springbok, 1 x Baboon, 1 x Steenbok Trophy, 1 x Jackal and 5 x non-trophy Springbok. Package price is £4995 inclusive of airport transfers, accommodation, food & beverages, skinning and tracking. Optional extras during the trip are Hyaena at £800, Klipspringer at £650, additional Trophy Springbok at £300, non-trophy Springbok at £100.

KINDLY NOTE - If you would prefer to receive prices in US $, please let us know and we will gladly provide them!

For those of you looking for that unfenced experience but who don't necessarily want to take Trophys, why not take one of our Management Packages which are still based on that same 10-day period but for non-trophy animals. Please be aware that since you will be shooting for meat, headshots will be expected, thank you. 

Damaraland – Management Safaris

If you would like to experience a traditional Safari over open range but are not interested in taking trophies, then this is your opportunity to hunt REAL Africa in Namibia’s Damaraland. We have strict quotas to meet in order to satisfy our Animal Management responsibilities and therefore numbers are limited. Each package provides for 10 days in Namibia including 2 transfer days and one rest day. Additional Management and / or Trophy animals may also be added to any of these packages, subject to quota, Prices available on request. 

Kindly note that Trophy animals available also and additional management species incl Red Hartebeest, Wildebeest Kudu and Warthog available in Etosha should you wish to try a two-location adventure?