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Prices Frozen for the THIRD YEAR Straight and prices in US $ available!!

El Castanar is located at the foot of the Toledo Mountains approx 90 mins drive from Madrid and has been in Rafael and his brother, Jose Maria Finat’s family for many generations. The estates hunting heritage can be traced back over 600 years and habitation here pre-dates the Romans.

In terms of sport, El Castanar provides driven Partridge shooting, Stag Hind and Mouflon Stalking plus the traditional Spanish Monteria or driven Big Game Hunt which takes place in the Toledo Mountains over which part of the Estate lies.

Prices and packages:

Driven Red-Legged Partridge Shooting

Up to 250 Birds / Day / Party      €9600 + VAT

Up to 400 Birds / Day / Party      €13300 + VAT

Extra Birds                                 €30 + VAT

This includes overnight accommodation for the Group including high quality traditional Spanish cooking and beverages plus your ammunition but specific exclusions apply, please see below.

 Monteria – Traditional Driven Big Game Hunt

Bag includes one Representative Red Stag plus two females from either Red or Fallow Deer. Mouflon Ewes may be taken as part/all of the female pair and the package includes unlimited Wild Boar also. 

Price per hunter per day        €1500 + VAT

Additional animals may be taken during the day when the following prices will apply:

Fallow Bucks & Mouflon Rams charged at €1200

Red Stags (irrespective of size) charged at €800

Red Hinds, Mouflon and Fallow Ewes charged at €100

This includes overnight accommodation for Hunters who may come either as an existing Shooting Team or solo Guns and small parties may be combined to make an appropriate Group. This including high quality traditional Spanish cooking and beverages but exclusions apply, please see below.

Big Game Stalking

Your daily rate for stalking will be €140 per hunter / day which will provide for accommodation with food and beverages in line the above as well as the services of a Professional Hunting Guide and 4x4 a vehicle. It also provides for local preparation of your trophies and onward delivery to the local taxidermist. The trophy prices per species follow:

Red Stag:

Up to 164.9 points CIC                        €1800

165 – 172.9 points CIC                        €2100          Bronze Medal

173 – 180.9 points CIC                        €2900          Silver Medal

181 – 184.9 points CIC                        €3400          Gold Medal

185 – 190.9 points CIC                        €3900          Gold Medal

191 – 195.9 points CIC                        €4100          Gold Medal

196 – 200 points CIC                           €4400          Gold Medal

201 and more points CIC                      €4400 + €100 / CIC point

Mouflon Ram:

Up to 194.9 points CIC                        €1800          Bronze Medal

195 – 204.9 points CIC                        €2300          Silver Medal

205 – 208 points CIC                           €2800          Gold Medal

208 and more points CIC                      €2800 + €100 / CIC point

Fallow Deer:

Up to 169.9 points CIC                        €1800          Bronze Medal

170 – 179.9 points CIC                        €2400          Silver Medal

180 – 184.9 points CIC                        €2800          Silver Medal

185 – 189.9 points CIC                        €3100          Gold Medal

190 – 194.9 points CIC                        €3300          Gold Medal            

195 – 199.9 points CIC                        €3500          Gold Medal  

200 – 204.9 points CIC                        €4100          Gold Medal  

205 – 209.9 points CIC                        €4900          Gold Medal

210 and more points CIC                      €4900 + €100 / CIC point

Wounded and subsequently lost animals are charged at 50% of the estimated trophy size and therefore price. Should the animal then be recovered then the full trophy price will be payable. All prices attract VAT.

Excluded from prices

Hunting Licence and Insurance*             €160 / Hunter

Airport Transfers when in Group            €30  / person

Airport Transfers for solo guns/pairs      £120 / vehicle

One Secratario                                     €60 / Day – Required for Monteria

Two Secratario                                    €120 / Day –For Driven Partridge

Spanish VAT currently chargeable @ 18%

*Spain requires all Hunters including those shooting Game Birds to purchase a 12 month Hunting Licence. This is therefore valid for multiple days / visits. 

Un gusto de la caza Española  – A taste of Spanish Hunting with The Hunting Agency

Since so many of our clients that enjoy Game Shooting are also interested in Driven Boar hunting and stalking, we thought it would be an interesting combination to arrange something special for the coming season to provide Un gusto de la caza Española at El Castanar to include the best of both worlds; A day of driven Red Legged Partridge shooting complimented by a traditional Spanish Monteria. Here is the schedule:

Day one - Depart Heathrow for Madrid, transfers to estate followed by welcome Dinner at El Castalar

Day two – 250 Bird Driven Red-legged Partridge Shoot in accordance with specified daily activities and dinner at the estate

Day three – Traditional Monteria including Trophy Red Stag, two females of either Fallow Red or Mouflon and unlimited Wild Boar followed by dinner at the Estate and an excursion into Toledo for those that are interested

Day four – transfers to Madrid and return flights to Heathrow.

Cost including economy flights from Heathrow: £2995 / gun

This trip is to take place during early November although it may be that we can organise a second in February once the UK Partridge season has finished, as too will most of the driven Boar hunting in Eastern Europe.

Since numbers are strictly limited, please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested and Shooting Team Captains looking to organise a block booking are also very welcome, thank you.