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One of the most incredible things about Spain is that there is something for everyone. The geographical diversity of the country’s landscape provides for amazing opportunities when it comes to sports in Spain. Spain offers a vast selection of sporting options ranging from the ocean to the mountains.

Today, Spain is a major world sports power especially since holding the Summer Olympics in Barcelona in 1992. Many say the Olympics was the kick start to sports such as golf, skiing and water sports becoming increasingly popular all over Spain. These sports along with cycling and bull fighting provide people with unlimited options no matter what season it is but we are only really concerned about hunting, so lets get straight to it!

Hunting is one of the main activities in Spain and a popular sport. Spain offers a variety of hunting from small game hunting for animals such as rabbits to big game hunting for large animals such as deer and boar as well as Wing or Game Shooting for species such as Red-Legged Partridge. However there is a whole host of animals to hunt in Spain including: Wild Fallow Deer, Roe-Deer, Mufflon, Barbary Sheep, Chamois and Wild Boar. Bird shoots include Partridges, Woodpigeon and Turtle-Dove.

Hunting in Spain allows you to experience the incredible beauty of the Spanish wilderness ranging from the central and coastal plains to the Mediterranean shores and the Green Northern Highlands. Thinking of bringing Your Hunting Gun To Spain? Bringing a Shotgun or Rifle to Spain from abroad is permitted as long as you obtain an international permit extension to your existing certificate or permit. This permit can be obtained through your issuing police authority in your country of residence and in the case of European visitors, just bring your Firearm Certificate with your European Firearms Pass.

Where To Hunt In Spain?

Hunts are generally organised on private estates or run by a hunting club. Other organizations arranging hunting are local town council hunting groups, intensive hunting grounds, controlled reserves and national hunting reserves. The best way to find out how to hunt is to contact Roo Ellis of The Hunting Agency who will be glad to offer advice and assistance on a free of charge basis.