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Outfitters we deal with in Serbia:

As one of the member states of the former Yugoslavia, Serbia remains something of an unknown quantity for the International Trophy Hunter. 

The Country is situated south of Hungary, south-west of Romania, east of Croatia and Bosnia, west of Bulgaria and north of Macedonia and while the North is densely forested with Boar, Deer and similar, in fact very reminiscent of neighbouring Croatia where many of our clients have enjoyed driven hunts in the Beech and Birch forests, the South is a different story again where wild mountains compliment the forests and human incursion is very much lower than in other regions locally. 

The Mountains in the south of Serbia have dramatic escarpments and cliffs although the terrain is more forgiving for the sporting hunter than you may otherwise imagine from our photographs since the sheer scale and majesty of the place is impossible to capture on two dimensions alone. Mountains may be snow-covered for part of the hunting season with the coldest weather falling in Late-December to February after which powder blue sky’s bring a rapid thaw before temperatures reach mid to high 30’s during summer months. 

The contrast in weather is mirrored by the topography where plateaus and valleys are sparsely populated by agricultural-specific villages which are encompassed by mountains and granite outcrops which while magnificent are also gently graded allowing for fair-chase walk-and-stalk methods to be used. 

Hunting seasons are strictly enforced and it must be stressed that responsible animal management is at work here so when you learn that we anticipate some 50-60 Wolves being taking over the coming season, which should tell you all you need to know about the size and ferocity of the local population. 

Wild Boar, Deer, Wild Cat, Foxes, Rabbits and Duck may also be hunted, each with their respective season. Hunting is conducted in association with the regional Hunting Associations and a modest contribution from each hunt goes directly to them for the development and management of all species within each region. 

We have found the Serbian people to be genuinely happy, friendly and warm with an enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Wolf hunting is a traditional activity here and the local guides take great pride in their expertise and work hard to give each visitor the best sporting chance possible.

I think it is fair to say that  International Trophy Hunters can rest assured that Serbia is a safe, warm and inviting Country where citizens of modest means live in peace and harmony together. We have been staggered at the enthusiasm the locals have had during our visits to this region and as such believe that Serbia is well worth consideration, especially for Wolf Hunting since this is unavailable across much of Europe where their limited numbers mean they continue to be protected.