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Hunting Locations

The Hunting Agency represents and promotes Professional Hunters, Outfitters, Guides and Estates on a truly international basis with the company’s Founder, Rupert Ellis establishing the principal that we don’t send anyone anywhere that we have not first visited ourselves, that way, when we tell you about a region, we do so from first-hand experience, and that makes all the difference! The Agency was established as a specialist in Namibian Hunting Safaris within the Etosha Conservancy and Damaraland and while we also promote Lodge and Farm-based hunts in Bushmanland, Waterberg, Kalahari, Caprivi and Kaminjab regions, the addition of extended unfenced hunting grounds in Namibia’s Kaokoland from the Kunene River south beyond Purros saw The Hunting Agency begin to specialise in traditional tented safaris to unfenced, wild Africa.

Destinations in South Africa’s prime hunting grounds such as the Eastern Cape Province, Magaliesberg Mountains in Gauteng Province and Kwazulu Natal compliment the Namibian locations since variety is the spice of life and there is so much good hunting to be had in South Africa that it was important to us that we brought our customers the best of what we have found on our travels. Further details are available by clicking on the Country buttons to the left of this page when the individual regions may be accessed.

Having established a reputation for our African destinations our UK Clients began telling us where else they would like to hunt and as such we have been able to identify, research and approve Outfitters in new locations around the world which in turn brought us to the attention of many European hunters who naturally assumed that we would have UK-based Deer Stalking and Game Shooting available? So we worked hard on your behalf in order to find appropriate hosts, guides facilities and species for our clients to enjoy, and not every Outfitter is appropriate for any number of reasons and so those that we send you to are those that we have found to be genuinely interested in providing a positive and enjoyable hunting experience. We will also have been satisfied with their ability to hunt, the quality of the species available, the facilities, the hospitality and the attitude of your hosts and so the list goes on – all of which comes from first-hand experience.

We are delighted to promote Driven Boar Hunting in Croatia and Bulgaria together with estates in Spain which allows our clients access to Ibex, Chamois, Mouflon, Brown Bear, Red Stags, Boar, Fallow, Roe and Fox together with walked-up and driven game such as Red-Legged Partridge in Spain and walked up and driven Partridge in England. The UK boasts six deer species: Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer, Roe Deer, Fallow, Sika and Red Deer and we have fabulous Estates and farmland to stalk over including the New Forest, the Cotswolds, the Forest of Dean and the Scottish Highlands and once a month we sit for British Wild Boar under a full moon!

Game Shooting is exceptionally popular in the UK and we will be adding to our Roving Syndicate for future Driven Days We also began promoting Duck and Dove shooting in Argentina as a result of your requests for information on Argentine Wing Shooting from our large client base, the same too with Caribou and Moose Hunting.

Newfoundland is our latest destination and we found it to be an amazing place to visit and hunt. The natives were exceptionally friendly and the location and scenery superb, as was the hunting. I was fortunate that my Guide, Mark Pyke, also guides former President George H Bush and he called a Bull Moose from about 5 miles away and while I could hear him coming, he got to within 25 feet of me before I saw him emerge from the forest, it was an amazing experience. The same too with Woodland Caribou and I already look forward to return for Black Bear next year, but it is a very short season so please let me know in good time if you are interested and we are booking now for Spring Bear too!

We have some exciting new destinations lined up which will be added once we have visited and referenced them so please feel free to check back at any time, and if there is somewhere you especially want to visit, let us know when we will gladly share what we know.