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Great Britain

You only have to look back at the Hunting Activities of Britain's Monarchy to see how much of a tradition the British have with Hunting with the likes of King Henry VIII's old Hunting Lodge in Gloucestershire still being used today!

Apart from such a heritage of sporting endeavours, Great Britain can also claim to be the birthplace of trophy hunting as we know it today as it was a certain mr Rowland Ward of Piccadilly and his taxidermy business that first began collecting trophy records of his clients spoils during Hunting Trips to Africa India and beyond which started the sport to begin with.

Today there are 6 Deer Species in the UK that can be hunted;

Chinese Water Deer





Red Deer

In addition the UK boasts wild sheep, foxes, rabbits and a wide variety of Game Birds too. In addition we have limited availability to shoot Wild Boar in England which is conducted once per month under a full-moon. If you would welcome more information of Boar Hunting in England, please feel free to get in touch!

The Hunting Agency is an English Company and while our reputation has been born of Trophy Hunting in Southern Africa, specifically the wide-open and unfenced tribal conservancies of Namibia, it is only right that we also promote the excellent sport that is availble on our own doorstep and invite visitors to review our portfolio of British Hunting opportunities and locations.

Each of our hunts is conducted in the spirit of fair chase and increasingly out trophy hunting clients are outnumbered by those looking for an authentic hunting experience using traditional methods in protected and unspoiled wilderness areas. Hunting is one of man's earliest endeavours and continues to provide locally-sourced food from sustainable resources which is ethically and humanely hunted for the financial and nutritional benefit of local communities.

As with everything that we do, if you would like further information on any of our locations guides or outfitters or would welcome a conversation without obligation, please feel free to contact us directly, thank you.