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Everyone has a first visit to Africa at some point, and so if you are a first-time traveller to the region, or would just like to know what to expect when you get there, we have given some thought to provide answers to questions like; What is it really like to go hunting on Safari in Africa?" "What will the weather be like and what equipment should I take with me?".
This background information and advice comes under two categories; Expectations and Preparation and is based on our personal experiences together with the comment and opinion of Professional Hunters from Namibia and the Republic of South Africa. There are any number of more qualified experts on this subject than us, so please consider these comments as personal opinions expressed in order to generate a flavour for the place and what you may expect from your forthcoming adventure!
Adventure is the very best word to describe what awaits you as our PH's and Outfitters operate in some of the most stunning and unspoilt country in the world. Rugged and untamed locations for fair-chase hunting, whether in genuine wilderness areas on established game farms or in conservancy areas, involves the hunter and his outfitter pitting their wits, skill, stamina and cunning against animals that are naturally cautious and sensitive due to the close proximity of some pretty savage predators. As such, nothing can ever be taken for granted or guaranteed!
Sport and trophy hunting is not an exact science and as such you must apporach it with a smile and an open itinerary as despite the best-made plans and intentions, there can be no cast-iron guarantee that you will shoot a 60inch Kudu, let alone see one, so please, if you want to hunt with a tape-measure then I am not 100% sure that our Outfitters are right for you. If however you are looking for some great hunting with experienced, seasoned Professional Hunters who have a combination of honed stalking and tracking skills, together with a genuine enthusiasm for guiding their guests and a passion for ethical hunting, then you're in luck, because for us, this above all else is what the sport of Trophy Hunting is all about! Sure, our outfitters all guide our clients to some exceptional trophies, but I am sure you will agree there is so much more to it than that!
Certainly the majority of our vistors come away with the species of their choice, many having their expectations exceeded by the whole experience, but remember, this is not like grocery shopping at the local supermarket - this is hunting, and as such, anything can and often does happen! Surprises, confusion, adverse weather, close shaves and near misses combined with human fraility, 'Sod's Law' and random chance are all part of the challenge, adding excitement, danger and variation to the expedition, all of which goes towards creating some wonderful, vivid memories to bring home with you, not to mention providing the hunter with the basis for the compulsary story-telling that we all enjoy so much about this fabulous pass-time. Consider this. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it, and where's the challenge in that!
Some of our visitors prefer to return to established hunting lodges to retire of an evening, others prefer the total Safari experience travelling in camps which are established and broken as you traverse this unspoilt environment. Consideration should be given to the time of year of your proposed adventure as times of high humidity bring insects spiders and snakes into the equation while at other times, the arid heat of the semi-desert landscape brings its own problems as we will discuss in the 'Preparation' section. Firstly though, mosquitos are not usually found on many of the locations that we promote - mainly because they are situated at altitude (5000 - 6000ft above sea level) although we will provide information to you relevant to the time of your visit as some area's do experience seasonal variations. Incidentally, the chap in the following clip is Beyers Coetzee from Mawana Reserve - a former World Field Archery Champion, Beyers is widely regarded as being one of the finest bow-hunters in the world!
Hunters, and their non-hunting guests must be prepared to muck in and get on with it as First-World necessities such as electricity will not be available in the velt. But thats part of the appeal - if you want to experience a genuine Safari-style experience, that does mean that you will be sleeping under canvass in the middle of a large conservancy such as Kaokoland and Damaraland (we offer open-range tented Safari's in exclusively in both locations) Similarly, sanitary facilities in camp are likely to be considered 'rustic' by modern standards, although several Outfitters such as Mawana and Ingwe Bush Camp offer traditional Tented Safari's from very well appointed residential tents based on permanent footings, some of which boast modern sanitation too. (The following clip was shot in Limpopo Province, South Africa!)
If this sounds a little rough, do not let it be cause for concern as we have outftters with modern guest chalets and lodges, some of which are air-conditioned, so you don't need to rough it if you don't want to - it's your adventure, so you get to choose it for yourself! (Some guests split their trip so that they stay in more comfortable surroundings before their journey home!)
Remember too that we offer adventures across a significant area with some of our outfitters managing territories exceeding 20000 hectares and that provides for a lot of variation in terms of landscape. We have mountains, desert, plains of Savanna grasslands and similar of thorny velt. Grasses grow so quickly that their sharpness can easily penetrate flimsy footwear and Africa boasts a variety of insect life that is truely staggering also - all of which should be taken into consideration while planning your safari. Don't let this put you off though - every year countless hunters visit Africa and return home to tell the tale and The Hunting Agency is always on hand to answer questions and provide support, back-up and information should you want it - just give us a call if you have a particular concern or if there's something you'd like to know!
PS. Feel free to click the link if you would like to see more of our Hunting Videos on YouTube!