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Outfitters we deal with in Croatia:

Croatia may have suffered as a result of conflict but the stunning countryside and abundant wildlife remains the source of wonder for all that visit this fine Country.

The region may be better known for the fabulous Driven Boar hunting that is available during a limited winter season but the Country also boasts some of the best Brown Bear Hunting anywhere in Eurasia which is complimented by Mouflon, Balkan Chamois, Alpine Chamois.Ibex, Moroccan Sheep, Wild Goats, Roe and Fallow Deer plus some of the most incredible Red Stags that you will ever have seen - hunting takes place throughout the year and wing shooting can be included in your visit as an option.

The sport of Driven Boar Hunting is effectively an extension of the Animal Managemant that needs to take place each year in order to control the numbers of these fast-breeding omnivours as unchecked the damage that they do to local farming would render it unsustainable. In many regions, Land Owners are given a target number of animals to cull each year and failure to achieve that quota can result in significant fines and result in compensation payments to local farmers for any resulting damage!

Over the years many have visited Eastern Europe and Eurasia in search of Driven Boar Hunting with those travelling often reporting very differing experiences from their travels. Our concerns regarding Driven Boar Hunting and the Outfitters that conduct it are well documented and as such we are delighted to  endorse and represent Tomo Svetic of Artemis Hunting for our Driven Boar and Trophy Hunting in Croatia.
The Driven Boar aspect is something we get asked about most and so let us quickly explain how things work. Firstly, you have two options when it comes to your sport, either to take your chances in open woodland when the location and density of Boar is unknown, or to shoot within a large enclosed area when significantly higher bags can be guaranteed.
Driven Boar over Open Woodland
To make this work we ideally need teams of circa 16-18 guns who are positioned individually and instructed as to their individual fields of fire before the drive commences. Beaters with dogs then walk the forests at which point the need for that number of guns becomes clear! The areas where we shoot tend to be quite steep and as such we generaly average three drives per day which is still a credit to the beaters and their dogs as anyone who has hunted with us before will confirm! The location for these hunts is approx 2 hours drive east of Zagreb and accommodation is in a basic rustic Hunting Lodge situated centrally within the shooting grounds.
High-Bag Driven Boar Hunting
For those looking for higher bags and more excitement there is always the option of shooting at Estates which manage animal numbers in order to be able to guarantee the volumes required while utilising higher numbers of beaters and up to 50 dogs. In addition you will be based in either a well-appointed Hunting Lodge in the mountains South of Zagreb or in a luxury Hotal and Spa approx 4 hours east of the capital depending on the size of the party since one location can take a maximum of 12 guns while the other requires a minimum of 14.