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Outfitters we deal with in Canada:


It may be a relatively young nation, but Canada is just about the biggest country in the whole of the Western Hemisphere. Sprawled across 3.8 million square miles, Canada's landmass encompasses 40% of the North American Continent.

Bear Hunting in Canada

Both the provinces and territories of Canada offer the amazingly beautiful landscape of water falls and glaciers, endless green forests and ancient lava flows, cloud-kissed mountains and wide open fields, rivers that seem to wind along forever, and at night, the incomparable incandescent sight of dancing Northern Lights.

Roo Ellis with a Canadian Moose

Canada presents the best opportunities to bag black bear, moose, and whitetail deer, among other big game. No other country in the world holds the honour of being the premier game animal destination for hunters everywhere. Both breathtakingly scenic and wildly untamed, Canada's beauty beckons the adventurous hunter to sample of its awe-inspiring outdoors teeming with both big and small game found in the natural paradise of its vast wilderness.

Bear Hunting in Quebec

Canada's lakes and rugged coastlines are prime fishing grounds, and from its inland central forests, to the craggy mountains in the west, to the pure expanse of vast arctic plains, hunting both big game and waterfowl will evoke a feeling in every hunter of being the very first human beings to have set foot on the land.

Roo Ellis Hunting Canada

Based on archeologists digs through the decades, it is believed that the area of Canada that is now British Columbia was inhabited as early as 8000 B.C. by a prehistoric people whose forebears had crossed the land bridges connecting Asia to North America. In the north, the Indian tribes of the Tsimshian started their settlements, the Haida built homes along the Coast, and the Kwakiutl populated Vancouver Island, developing a rich economy of hunting, fishing and whaling. In Saskatchewan, nomadic Indians wandered the plains hunting buffalo.

Bears in the butchery

By the time European explorers came upon this vast and beautiful wilderness, there were over 300,000 Inuit and other Indians living along southern Ontario, St. Laurence Valley and other parts of what is now Canada. These early inhabitants, particularly the Micmacs, moved according to the seasons, following game that mostly consisted of caribou, whales and seals.

Moose in Canada

The hunting industry in Canada is a massive one that helps power its tourism and the economy. To provide constant supply for this countrywide, and worldwide, obsession for hunting game, Canada maintains various nature preserves and sanctuaries to protect big game and small game animals, and thousands of species of game fowl, as well as the wild habitats that sustain them.

With all this in mind, it is our great pleasure to invite you to join us in Quebec for some of the best Bear Hunting in this magnificent Country!

Moose Bear and Caribou Hunting in Canada with The Hunting Agency