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The hunting industry in Bulgaria is supported by 22,500 Red Deer, 4,900 Fallow Deer, 78,000 Roe Deer, 2,100 Chamois, 2,500 Mouflons, over 37,500 Boars, over 8,000 Bears, 2,2000 Capercallies, Hares, Partidges and Pheasants.

One of the best Red Deer populations in the world is in Bulgaria. Among its trophies our country has 4 world records of Red Stag (including the present one with 273.60 CIC points) and of Boars with 158.20 CIC points.

Most of the capital trophies evaluated at over over 250 CIC points are Bulgarian. The newly bred populations of Red Deer and Mountions develop very well, too. Bulgaria ranks second in the world by quality of good throphies.

International hunting tourism is a priority of the game and fish enterprise in Bulgaria since it provides good income for their development. It's make tourists become real admirers of the unique Bulgarian hunting environment and culture.

Over 2000-2500 foreign hunters a year go Hunting in Bulgaria, a large part of them being traditional visitors in the country.

The natural conditions, the strict observance of the Game Law and the Rules for its application, as well the scince-based game hunting in Bulgaria give hopes that the country will preserve its position of a leader in this field.

Having a game shooting license in Bulgaria provides a possibility of gaining trophies of Brown Bear, Chamois, Ibex and Capercaillie. Their prices are in line or just below the international average and are reasonable for hunters who value high trophy collections and hunting tourism as the price does not reflect the excellent quality of trophy species available in this fine Country.