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International Hunters have long-since recognised Argentina as a superb destination, not just for their fabled Wing Shooting opportunities but also for some unique and exceptional Big Game species too and as such we are delighted to provide the full portfolio of mammal and bird species in the key hunting areas including La Pampa, Entre Rios, Buenos Aires Province and of course Cordoba. 

Before we get into the regions and sport available, first let’s talk logistics since this massive Country boasts a variety of locations, many of which require either a significant overland car journey or onward transfer flight to the region. 

Cordoba and La Pampa are circa 7 hours drive from the capital Buenos Aires, or alternatively an hour’s flight away although internal domestic flights do not depart from the International Airport, neither do they fly every day. Should you choose either of these locations it will be our pleasure to organise for your party to be greeted at the International airport when your host will assist with the firearm import permits before transferring you to the second air terminal for your onward journey. Interpreters can also be organised for you should you wish and rifle / shotgun hire is available should you prefer not to travel with your own firearm (for which there is an import fee of approx $150) 

Let’s start with Wing Shooting 

Ask any wing shooting enthusiast about Cordoba and they will instantly recount its excellent reputation for high volume Dove and Pigeon shooting, something for which the whole Country has become synonymous, but that said, while the sport is excellent there is simply not the diversity of species that can be found elsewhere in the Country. We understand that the high price of Soya in the world’s markets is such that farmers across Cordoba are changing from Sunflower Corn and Sorghum crops which also happen to be the favourite diet for Doves and Pigeons. For every action there is an appropriate reaction and as such while bird numbers are still significant, those remaining birds are increasingly being concentrated at a time when international demand for the sport, and therefore the number of outfitters delivering it, is increasing. As a result we believe that area’s such as Entre Rios now represent better sorting opportunities than perhaps Cordoba does. 

Your Outfitter in Cordoba provides elegant and comfortable accommodation and guest facilities situated close to the hunting grounds which are not available to competing Outfitters and where your accuracy, tenacity and shoulders will be thoroughly challenged by the sheer volume of birds available. This location boasts a Health Spa, Golf Course and Polo facilities and is ideal if you are just looking for high volume Dove shooting. 

At this stage we should offer a quick word of warning. It is not unusual for clients to shoot in excess of 1000 cartridges per day in Cordoba and Entre Rios, with some guests shooting significantly more. if that is your expectation, may we suggest you use 20 gauge shotguns and internal shoulder pads to reduce the effects of recoil, after all, this is supposed to be fun and severe bruising does little to enhance the Argentinean experience! 

Argentina’s Entre Rios (means ‘between rivers’) region is situated only approx 90 mins drive from Buenos Aires International Airport making transfers easy and quick, allowing guests to arrive and start shooting without further delay. In addition, this region where we enjoy approx one million hectares of wetlands boasts 12 huntable duck species plus Perdiz (partridge) doves and pigeons, and since the region is a protected Soya producing area, ducks can be shot all year round with the appropriate licence since their numbers render them as vermin. 

The other nice aspect of Entre Rios is the availability of Big Game species such as Axis Deer, Black Buck and Wild Boar as well as Capybara.  You have a choice of three fine locations providing a variety of accommodation options including a former Presidential Palace, a traditional Argentinean Estancia and a fine Hotel complex boasting Tennis Courts, Swimming pools, a Health Spa, Polo pitches and Horse riding excursions during the Argentinean winter, which also coincides with the official Game Shooting season of May to August. We also have accommodation for those travelling on a budget where the same quality of sport is available when you will be staying in warm and comfortable surroundings close to the shooting grounds. 

La Pampa Province also boasts some fine wing shooting but since this is an arid region, ducks are not on the menu although Doves Pigeon and Perdiz most certainly are, although most that come here do so for Big Game. This is where Red Deer were first introduced into Argentina in 1909 and as such is the Mecca for those looking for a monstrous trophy or perhaps a top ten example? Certainly Gold Medal bucks are not uncommon and it is rare that clients who have that specific requirement fail to realise one. We offer Wing Shooting in La Pampa as a complimentary activity for those visiting the region for Big Game Trophy Hunting, so let’s talk through that next. 

Trophy Hunting 

Regardless of whether you are an SCI member or prefer Rowland Ward or CIC as a scoring methodology, Argentina is famed for the size and quality of its Trophy Red Stags and rivals New Zealand in terms of the quality and size of the game available. When you look at the trophy images it is hard to recognise these as the same species as those occurring in the UK, certainly you will never see something like this in the Highlands of Scotland and while great care is taken with the breeding stocks, Red Stags are available both as Estate Deer and Free Range. This Estate boasts an unfenced area of 10km x 20km of bush to hunt over. 

In addition to Red Stags, excellent quality Fallow, Axis Deer, Black Buck, Mouflon, Cameroon Goat, Multi-horned Sheep, Trophy Wild Boar, Texas Dall Sheep and the occasional Puma are available, although the latter is not allowed to be exported from the Country. In addition, for those looking for a little more excitement we also have Water Buffalo in La Pampa which if anything are larger than their African cousins although that same belligerent attitude and aggression is found in these examples too. Kindly note that while there is not a requirement for ‘African’ calibre heavy rifles for Argentinean Water Buffalo, there is a minimum requirement of 30-calibre and above for shooting deer in Argentina but we would suggest that in this case it is far better to be ‘over-gunned’! 

Having stalked Red Deer in Scotland, England and Eastern Europe, we can categorically state that stalking these exceptional examples in Argentina is barely different and each hunt is conducted on foot in the spirit of fair chase. Axis Deer and Black Buck are exceptionally nervous and very difficult to stalk and as such you should expect to have to work hard for your trophy. As always, for you to get the best from your Argentinean experience we would suggest that your pre-hunt preparation also includes an honest assessment of you personal fitness and action taken to achieve a decent level before you arrive here. Furthermore, La Pampa has some harsh and unforgiving thorn bushes and exceptionally thick brush to navigate so forget wearing shorts when you visit this region! 

We endeavour to give our clients a first-hand account of every region and Outfitter that we work with and as such we are delighted to advise that Argentina is a safe, clean and hospitable location where hunting carries no stigma and where we have found the locals to be warm, courteous and genuinely friendly. While we have a variety in terms of region and therefore the sport available, we also have a variety in terms of the quality and price of accommodation too. If you are looking for elegant facilities then the former Presidential Palace is superb.  Each location has high levels of comfort complimented by a refreshing attention to detail when it comes to client service and satisfaction – the team are genuinely committed to making your stay as comfortable, rewarding and fun as possible while also working very hard to ensure that your hunting expectations are also realised. 

Airport transfers are an unfortunate fact of life and direct flights from London’s Heathrow for example take circa 13 hours although since it is a night flight, most of this time is spent asleep. Travelling with firearms is also not everyone’s idea of fun, so if that is a concern, why not simply hire a weapon for the duration of your visit? Another concern that we hear is the price of shotgun cartridges since it is impossible to bring the volumes required from home. In Argentina either 12 or 20 bore cartridges generally cost $13 / box of 25 and you will struggle to buy it in local gun shops for cheaper. It is best to give consideration as to how much shooting you intend to do while calculating your budget and we can certainly give you some advice if that would be beneficial? 

The local currency is Pesos although US Dollars are also acceptable when it comes to payment. Most  Outfitters in Argentina recommend pre-payment before your arrival since payment is not possible via Credit Card in Argentina and while travellers cheques are perfectly fine, but these need to be in US $ and attract a 2% surcharge. Sterling travellers Cheques are not accepted, sorry. 

Additional activities during your visit to Argentina are numerous but variable depending on where you elect to visit. Some enjoy visiting the fine city of Buenos Aires which has retained an almost colonial atmosphere and character in a Latin American context obviously, while others may prefer to combine a hunting trip with a family holiday when horse riding, scenic tours, visits to Patagonia and similar can be organised – in fact we have even know one chap who decided to learn the Tango while in-Country, so if you are looking to add a different dimension to your trip, please ask for details.