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About Us

Thank you again for visiting The Hunting Agency's website, this is where you can find out a bit more about us and what it is that we do on your behalf.
What is the Hunting Agency?
Established by Rupert 'Roo' Ellis in 2007, The Hunting Agency is exactly that, a company that works with Professional Hunters and Outfitters around the world while promoting ethical and sustainable hunting. Our core business is Trophy Hunting where we work with Game Farms, Lodges, Cattle Farmers similar on a glabal basis and our clients come from all over the world too, such has been the growth of this modest business where word of mouth has played a significant part in our continued growth.
In terms of numbers, we now represent and promote literally millions of Hectares of unfenced wild Africa and as our business has grown, so too has our portfolio with Outfitters in the Eastern Cape Province, Limpopo, Magaliesburg and KwaZulu Natal. Our African destinations are complimented by some of the finest Big Game Trophy Hunting in Argentina's La Pampa Province and exceptional Wing Shooting in Entre Rios, Cordoba Buenos Aires and Pategonia.  Wing Shooting and Bird Hunting is also available in Spain where we offer driven Red-legged Partridge Shooting plus Game Shooting in the UK too, not to mention Bird-hunting for Woodcock, Capercaillie Black and Hazel Grouse in Sweden. Trophy Hunting in Spain for Wild Boar, Red Stags, Mouflon and Ibex is available  plus Boar Hunting across Europe and Deer Stalking and Game Shooting in the UK too!

Roo Ellis with Argentinean Red StagRoo Ellis in Damaraland, NamibiaRoo Ellis in Tuscany with Trophy Mouflan

Who am I dealing with?
Principal of the Agency is Rupert Ellis and The Hunting Agency Limited, registered in England No 4404525 and registered for VAT no. 879440382. We are currently in the process of changing the companies Registered Office details and once finalised will provide that information here also. Graphic Design and Web Management is the responsibility of Paul Regan while Andrea Swain provides Administrative and Accounting support.
How did this business get started?
The proprietor of The Hunting Agency is Rupert 'Roo' Ellis, a Hunting enthusiast and gun fanatic and The Hunting Agency evolved as an extension of a passion that has already lasted a lifetime! You know how it is when you go off somewhere exotic and different, perhaps you experience a life and culture more colourful and exciting than your own? When you return home, the natural enthusiasm you have for your recent adventure, simply pours out of you - and thats exactly how The Hunting Agency got started, telling stories of our visits and exploits until people started asking how they too could enjoy such an adventure - and so it began!
It hadn't been Roo's intention to make a business from his personal hobby and frankly the thought hadn't crossed his mind until one evening in Outjo when sitting in a bar with a group of PH's and Farmers when one of them called across and asked "Where are all the other Tommy Hunters?" which began the thought process of how best to bring more visitors to this remote part of Namibia which has so much to offer and yet is somewhere the British trophy hunting community rarely visit.
Roo and the team began work on the development of a professional and transparent business model which is intended to be rolled out internationally as a Franchise internationally and as this germ of an idea developed and evolved, it became clear that there are literally thousands of first-time visitors who are interested in travelling internationally to Africa and beyond but who didn't know how to go about it or who to trust - and that's where The Hunting Agency began to make it's name. W currently enjoy a solid international reputation and  have been busy building what is now a regocnised Global Brand with it's own in-house Magazine (see www.HuntingandShootingNews.com for details) and a significant and growing portfolio, if you are a passionate Hunter and also an astute Businessman or woman looking to make more of their passion for fieldsports, please feel free to get in touch!
Guarantees are for Toasters!
All of our Outfitters operate in the spirit of 'Fair Chase' and only work with Hunting Outfitters that operate in an ethical, professional and sustainable fashion. Those that we represent are accredited and qualified Professional Hunters who we have personally visited and hunted with. We believe in  respect for our quarry, simple as that and because of this it is simply impossible to guarantee that you will take your desired trophy, but we will suggest outfitters that we know are capable of putting you on the animal, if good luck and your stalking ability allows! 
Many are delighted to come to Africa and hunt the wide variety of plains game that abounds in South Africa and Namibia. Some prefer to take a traditional 'tented safari' and hunt the open-ranges of Damaraland and Kaokoland in Namibia, while others prefer the relative comfort lodge or farm-based adventures,  everyone has different motivations and preferences. Regardless of location, each of our outfitters provide excellent trophy animals for the discerning hunter. It is generally when a client specifies a '60 inch Kudu' or a '18 Inch Springbok' that we have an issue, since we genuinely cannot guarantee that a example of that size will show himself during your visit! Similarly, predator hunts are similarly impossible, but thats hunting, and like we say in Namibia, if you want a guarantee - buy a toaster!

Paul Frederik Berkely and Roo at the Midland Game Fair

What can The Hunting Agency do for you?
What we do is represent Professional Hunters impartially to prospective visitors and we make ourselves available to answer questions and offer advice to you on what they each offer. In short, we work with you and our hunting partners to design a safari or lodge-based hunting adventure which you can compliment with any number of additional tourist activities should you so wish. We provide information on hunting conditions, weather, climate, hospitality, your personal preparation and so on. We also offer first hand advice on rifles and calibres based on personal first-hand experience, in fact, as Registered Firearms Dealers too we even stock heavy calibre ammunition should you need it?  

We also provide information and documentation in order to take your guns abroad - and then, once you've decided what you'd like to do, we accept your deposit on behalf of the Outfitter and are generally on-hand to help ensure that you come back with a huge smile and happy memories!

Roo in Kaminjab with a fine Oryx Bull

Bottom line is that before you go on Safari with an Outfitter, firstly, we will have been there ourselves - so when you ask us a question, the answer will come from first-hand experience! If you check out our Hunting Video Page on YouTube, hopefully you will see for yourself that we've been there and done it - the place exists, the Outfitter will be as we say he is and the facilities will be as we describe - thats what we bring to the party, that and the confidence that booking with a reputable Hunting Agent brings! We are also prolific on Facebook so if you'd like to search for Roo Ellis, please feel free to do so where literally thousands of pictures are available.

Sponsored by Hornady CZ Safari Classics and Zeiss, Roo with a Rowland Ward White Blesbok

What will it cost me to use The Hunting Agency?
This is a regular question from those who have not booked through an agency before so lets get it ot of the way with straight away. The Hunting Agency works with Outfitters and promotes them based on their prices and packages and the price you pay for a booking via us is no different to if you had booked directly. We do not levy any fees to visitors to our Farms Estates or Tribal Conservancies and are on-hand to provide informed and impartial advice based on our own experiences with each location. Certainly this is a business and our revenue is generated from promotional activities  with those that we represent. In short, our income comes from the individual Professional Hunters that we promote, all of whom have been visited and referenced by us, and the price you pay will be the same as if you had taken the time to research, locate and reference them yourself. We provide information and advice, agree dates and terms of business, confirm all agreements in writing via a comprehensive written contract and advise visitors on the protocols relating to travelling with firearms and how best to book your airline ticket, and for those of you that would welcome the opportunity of speaking with hunters who have booked and hunted via this Agency, no problem, just let us know!

The Hunting Agency physically visits and hunts each location before paying customers are allowed to visit, this is Roo in the Kalahari

First-time travellers and those less-abled may be interested to know....
In addition to the above, sometimes with prior planning we are in a position to accompany some of our visitors on their adventure. This provides some additional peace of mind for those travelling to Africa for the first time and/or maybe just for some added company for the adventure - either way, we're hunters too and we love an excuse to get packed and travel over! Furthermore, we have been similarly delighted to cater for some tough old b*****ds who still love to go hunting but while the spirit is willing, the flesh has other ideas! If you have some special needs or perhaps would like to enjoy the Safari experience but are worried about how you'll stand up to it, fear not - just get in touch as we have several patient and understanding Outfitters who have been delighted to accommodate a few old War horses on their adventures and will be similarly pleased to hunt with you!

So, if you've any questions, please feel free to get in touch!


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